I used Sun's version of gcc, which is in two packages: SUNW0gccfss and
SUNW0scgfss. (Sun also has backported its version of gcc to Solaris 9).
These is the compiler that was used to build Open Solaris.

Before I tried compiling openssh, I built tcp_wrappers, zlib-1.2.3 and
openssl-0.9.8c. My configuration line was

./configure --with-tcp-wrappers=... --with-ssl-dir=...
--with-zlib=... --with-pid-dir=...

No trouble with configure and openssh built with just a few warnings on the
first try.

But the command

make tests

terminated with a fatal error until I added 127.0. to /etc/hosts.allow
which is a nice confirmation of tcp_wrappers support.

Now figuring out how to modify S10's startup process to accpet openssh is
my next adventure, but not relevant to this discussion list. Depending on
how our introduction/migration to S10 goes, I will either install Openssh
4.3 or put the new and improved version of Openssh 4.4 on the servers.


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