William Ahern wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 10:45:54AM +1000, Darren Tucker wrote:
>> William Ahern wrote:
>>> I'm merging my "streamlocal" unix domain socket forwarding patch into 4.4p1
>>> (or rather 20060926 SNAP) and I gather that the ExitOnForwardFailure
>>> capability only works for protocol 1.0.
>>> Am I misreading things? I was really looking forward to that feature.

>> I think so, I use ExitOnForwardFailure with protocol 2 all the time.

> Interesting. Then line 2543 of channels.c is confusing me:
> packet_start(SSH2_MSG_GLOBAL_REQUEST);
> packet_put_cstring("tcpip-forward");
> packet_put_char(1); /* boolean: want reply */
> packet_put_cstring(address_to_bind);
> packet_put_int(listen_port);
> packet_send();
> packet_write_wait();
> /* Assume that server accepts the request */
> success = 1;

The client sets "want reply", so if the server rejects the request then
the client will find out about it when the reply comes back. This is
handled in ssh.c:client_global_request_reply_fwd().

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