Hi All,

Test results in HP-UX Platforms:

Platform :
HP-UX 11.23 IPF

Config options:
./configure --prefix=${SSHPATH} \
--with-pam \
--with-ssl-dir=${SSLPATH} \
--with-tcp-wrappers=${TCPWRAPPATH} \
--with-zlib=${ZLIBPATH} \
--with-kerberos5 \
--with-rand-helper \
--with-md5-passwords \
--with-4in6 \

The openssh-SNAP-20060830 configures successfully. But build failed with the
following error:

/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
ntohl (first referenced in sshconnect.o) (code)
ntohs (first referenced in ssh.o) (code)
htonl (first referenced in sshconnect.o) (code)
htons (first referenced in
openbsd-compat//libopenbsd-compat.a(rresvport.o)) (code)
*** Error exit code 1


Problem Description:
* The ntohl, ntohs, htonl, htons routines are defined as macros instead of
functions in , linker raises "functions" not found error.

Including the in includes.h file may fix this problem


----- Original Message -----
From: "Damien Miller"
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 7:11 PM
Subject: Testing for the 4.4p1 release

> Hi,
> The 4.4p1 release is approaching now, so we are now asking people to
> actively test snapshots or CVS and report back to the mailing list.
> Snapshots are available from http://www.mindrot.org/openssh_snap or
> from any of the mirrors listed on http://www.openssh.org/portable.html
> The latter page also includes instructions for checking out portable
> OpenSSH via anonymous CVS.
> This release contains many bugfixes and feature improvements. Here
> are some highlights:
> - Implemented conditional configuration in sshd_config(5) using the
> "Match" directive. This allows some configuration options to be
> selectively overridden if specific criteria (based on user, group,
> hostname and/or address) are met. So far a useful subset of post-
> authentication options are supported and more are expected to be
> added in future releases.
> - Added a "ForceCommand" directive to sshd_config(5). Similar to the
> command="..." option accepted in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, this forces
> the execution of the specified command regardless of what the user
> requested. This is very useful in conjunction with the new "Match"
> option.
> - Add a "PermitOpen" directive to sshd_config(5). This mirrors the
> permitopen="..." authorized_keys option, allowing fine-grained
> control over the port-forwardings that a user is allowed to
> establish.
> - Add optional logging of transactions to sftp-server(8).
> - ssh(1) will now record port numbers for hosts stored in
> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys when a non-standard port has been requested.
> - Add an "ExitOnForwardFailure" options to cause ssh(1) to exit (with
> a non-zero exit code) when requested port forwardings could not be
> established.
> - Extend the sshd_config(5) "SubSystem" directive to allow the
> specification of commandline arguments.
> - Add optional support for SELinux, controlled using the --with-selinux
> configure option (experimental)
> - Add optional support for Solaris process contracts, enabled using the
> --with-solaris-contracts configure option (experimental)
> - Add support for Diffie-Hellman group exchange key agreement with a
> final hash of SHA256.
> - Fixed a lot of bugs. See
> http://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1155 for an incomplete
> list (more in the ChangeLog)
> - Lots of manpage fixes and improvements
> - Many code cleanups, including:
> - Switching to safer memory allocation functions that avoid integer
> overflows when allocating arrays
> - Cleanups of header file usage (ongoing)
> - Fixes to leaks reported by the Coverity static analysis tool
> Running the regression tests supplied with Portable does not require
> installation, just run:
> $ ./configure && make tests
> Testing on suitable non-production systems is also appreciated. Please

> reports of success or failure to openssh-unix-dev@mindrot.org, including
> details of your platform, compiler and configure options.
> Thanks,
> Damien Miller
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