Chris Rapier wrote:
> Rick Jones wrote:
>>>Actually that was a mistake on my part. When -r option is used the close
>>>call occurs only during startup and not for every connection. During startup
>>>with -r option we get around 60K close calls.
>>>We are about to do a fix for this issue on HP-UX (without -r option). The
>>>approach is to find out the open fds and close the unwanted ones. Will this
>>>be a valid approach.

>>I would think that the overhead of determining if an FD is open wouldn't
>>be that far off from closing it.

> One question: I'm assuming its cheaper (or at least was at one time) to
> just close a whole bunch of FDs rather than track what FDs are being
> opened as they are being opened?

most likely - at least when we are talking about crossing an exec boundary.

rick jones
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