Eric Millbrandt wrote:
> Darren Tucker wrote:
>>> debug3: mm_request_send entering: type 26
>>> mm_send_fd: sendmsg(4): Bad file descriptor

>> I'm not sure if the "Bad descriptor" error refers to the descriptor
>> being sent or the descriptor over which it is sent. I suspect the former
>> otherwise sshd would have bailed much sooner.

> OK, so here is what sshd is using.
> openpty returned 0 descriptors 4/6 name /dev/ttyp3
> debug3: mm_request_send entering: type 26
> lsof me now! (pid 48051, sock 5, fd 4)

> sshd 48051 root 4u VCHR 6,3 0t0 729
> /dev/ptyp3
> sshd 48051 root 5u unix 0xfffffe0013b8df80 0t0
> ->0xfffffe0013b91100
> sshd 48051 root 6u VCHR 5,3 0t0 728
> /dev/ttyp3
> Looks ok to me. Am I missing something?

Looks OK to me too. The problem appears to be in the descriptor passing
but I'm not sure why. What are HAVE_SENDMSG, HAVE_ACCRIGHTS_IN_MSGHDR,
HAVE_CONTROL_IN_MSGHDR set to in config.h?

You may be able to work around the problem by disabling
UsePrivilegeSeparation in sshd_config. Also, does disabling UsePAM make
any difference?

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