On August 15, 2006 7:05:45 PM +0200 Christian Iversen wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 August 2006 18:13, Frank Cusack wrote:
>> Isn't long (and u_long) 32 bits on ILP32? Or is u_long really uint64_t.

> Well, it seems you're right. On gcc-linux-i386, there's absolutely no
> difference in size between "unsigned long int" and "unsigned int".

That wasn't quite my question. u_long is a typedef, it might be 64 bits.

> I didn't expect that, but then again C is not my primary language.
> What type should I use instead? Is uint64_t sufficiently portable?

It is C99, so it should be the most portable, but it's always better
to follow the existing style. There might be an openssh-specific type.
It should take you less then 1 minute to find out.

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