On 7/26/06, Frank Cusack wrote:
> Or my company's cards, www.tri-dsystems.com, where the reader is on the card.
> enroll-on-card, match-on-card. It can be used 2-factor (no pin) or 3-factor.
> (Well, it will soon. Today it only works as an OTP token.)
> The reader is a mechanical device, heat doesn't matter. However folks with
> very slight fingerprints will have a problem.
> -frank

Nice device!
I was not aware that someone put a biometric reader on the PVC.

I will be happy to test one when you integrate the biometric reader
into the smartcard support!

Which smartcard chip do you use?
Will it work with PKCS#15 complaint middleware such as OpenSC?
Or you provide a PKCS#11?
What is the estimated cost of such card? (1000 units).

Best Regards,
Alon Bar-Lev.
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