Just wanted to let you guys know what the reason was. The problem is
that ld.so.1 is not symlinked to the /lib/ld-uClibc-0.9.27.so file.
Since I use uclibc. Default that one is not created, and while none of
my other apps seem to have a problem with this, openssh apparently does....

Thanks for the help!


Darren Tucker wrote:

> Rogier Stam wrote:
>> I tried porting OpenSSH-4.3p2 to arm-linux (IXP425 Xscale platform) >
>> using openssl-0.9.8b and uClibc. This on the snapgear 3.2.0
>> distribution. It all compiles without problems, but when i run any
>> openssh executable it will always show output similar to the following:
>> # ssh
>> sh: /usr/bin/ssh: No such file or directory
>> #
>> I checked for the libraries, they are all in /lib. To give you an ls:

>[list of libs]
> libz.so seems to be missing.
> If that's not it, do you have ldd on your target, and if so what does
> ldd /usr/bin/ssh say?

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