On Mon, 26 Dec 2005, Loic Domaigne wrote:

> > Do you engage PAM in authentication? Some poorly written PAM modules can
> > block for some reason SIGALARM while not clearing that blocking before

> starting
> > user session. If sshd itself never blocks SIGALARM, one or more of PAM

> modules
> > could be the reason of that.

> Yeah, that could be the problem indeed (the thread above mention a possible
> PAM issue as well). Do you have an idea how I should proceed in order to
> find out the broken PAM module(s)?

The only way I see is plugging all unknown (I mean third party modules, not the
modules from the PAM distribution you use) PAM modules out of the corresponding
stack and step by step plugging one by one module back in to see where the
problem is back again. I recommend you first comparing sshd PAM configuration
to, for example, login one (if local login sessions work fine in that respect).
Any module present in the former but missing in the latter may be the source of

Sincerely Your, Dan.

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