Well, that patch won't work with our krb5-config You'll get back an
empty string, since --path is not understood.

That makes me wonder why the need to deduce KRB5ROOT anyway?
How about logic like this, instead:

* error unless /some/path/bin/krb5-config exists
* use `/some/path/bin/krb5-config --cflags` etc
* error unless krb5-config found in $PATH
* use `krb5-config --cflags` etc

plus, perhaps:

* if krb5-config found in $PATH
use `krb5-config --cflags` etc


On Sat, 12 Nov 2005, Darren Tucker wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 12, 2005 at 07:34:28PM +1100, Darren Tucker wrote:
> > I've had this patch a while (and I posted an earlier version a while
> > back): it tries to use krb5-config to obtain the Kerberos build options.
> > If it's not available, or isn't in the path specified to --with-kerberos5
> > then the existing behaviour is kept.

> Hm, that's not a very good explanation. Make that "tries to use
> krb5-config from the default path".
> Basically, it's trying to play nice in the case where you have a
> krb5-config in the default path, but the other parameters (include path
> and so forth) won't result in a working build.

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