On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:

> Hello All--
> First, thanks for ControlPath/ControlMaster. It's very handy, and
> ControlMaster=autoask is just what i wanted!
> I'm having difficulty with a common use case, however. I want to
> LocalForward on secondary connections using an already-established
> ControlPath. From what i can tell, the second ssh connection doesn't
> report any errors, but silently ignores the supplied LocalForward
> arguments.

Passing additional forwarding requests from multiplexing slaves through to
the master has not been implemented yet, but I plan to soon. IIRC someone
posted patches to this list or bugzilla, but they needed a little more

It is uncertain whether this will be in the 4.3 release, more likely to be
the 4.4 timeframe (~6 months). There will be patches available on this
list or in bugzilla beforehand though if you would like to test.


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