Mr.Mike Cross wrote:
> I'm using either V3.2 or V4.2p1 depending on the system.

I don't think there was an OpenSSH 3.2 release (there was 3.2.2p1 and

> Server - OSF/1 V5.1 latest patch kit.
> If the system has all the accounts in the password file - ssh lets
> the users login.
> If the system has "+" at the end of the passwd file, users in the
> local password file or in NIS can login
> if I change the /etc/svc.conf to have "passwd=local" and add
> +@users:x::::: to the passwd file, the users who are local to the passwd
> file can login, but the users in the netgroup fail to login, just
> getting access failed and re-prompted for their password.

OpenSSH's sshd will check that the user has a valid passwd entry (as
returned by getpwnam). You need to tell /etc/svc.conf (or whatever the
equivalent to /etc/nsswitch.conf is) to look in NIS too.

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