Damien Mascord wrote:
> One small issue, is that the tests assume that there is an existing
> installation with privsep, and hence require a /var/empty directory to
> exist in the filesystem.
> run test connect.sh ...
> Missing privilege separation directory: /var/empty
> FATAL: sshd_proxy broken
> After creating the /var/empty directory, the tests pass correctly... is
> this desired behaviour for the test suite ? Should the tests be run
> inside a fakeroot or chroot instead ?

Probably not.

A real chroot requires root privs and must be created (which is fiddly
and very system dependant).

fakeroot and friends have to be installed/provided and require a
LD_PRELOAD which is not available on some platforms.

I probably ought to be documented as a limitation, though. Or maybe we
could check for the existence of the user and directory and disable the
privsep tests if missing (eg by unsetting SUDO).

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