On Wed Aug 17 09:04:30 2005, CRX Driver wrote:
> Not sure if this has ever been suggested before as a feature request, but I
> am getting off my lazy a** and sending this Email to your list. Hopefully
> you will think it is a wonderful idea.
> I am forever using the wonderful OpenSSH on many systems and have done so
> for many years. But I often find myself wanting to transfer files while
> ssh'ed into another system.
> If I could just have a way to transfer a file back to me with something like
> "sget" or "sput" WHILE I am ssh'ed into another machine, THAT would save a
> tremendous amount of time. As it is now, you have to type long names and
> paths and a password again each time with a separate scp session.

You could use session multiplexing to eliminate some of the tedium.

> Imagine this:
> ssh user@machine.com
> cd /home/user
> ls
> rm junk
> sget logfile

You can already do this with sftp.

> (and "logfile" just immediately gets scp'ed to my local machine)
> I imagine "scp" or "sget" would somehow open a tunnel back to the client
> side for file transfer. Or, I suppose it could be triggered in the client
> with a special keystroke while ssh'ed into a remote site.

Iain Morgan

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