Darren Tucker wrote:
> maximander wrote:
> >Hello all, i just discovered that the known hosts file seems to only
> >store the server finger prints for distinct *hostnames/IPs*, not
> >hostnames/IPs and ports, meaning i can't ssh to a multiple boxes on
> >the same host even if they have different ports. Every client other
> >than the one shipped with openSSH seems to work fine, presumably
> >because they store fingerprints by hostort combinations rather than
> >only by host. Would it be possible to modify the openSSH client to
> >also store fingerprints by distinct host *and* port?

> See http://bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug.cgi?id=454
> In the mean time, check out the CheckHostIP and HostKeyAlias options in
> the ssh_config(5) man page.

To give a concrete example for the original poster. I have a similar
situation and use the following stamp.

Host foo
CheckHostIP no
Port 2020
HostName bar.local.net
HostKeyAlias foo.example.com


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