I am going through the source of openssh-3.9p1 and I have a quick
question on how the sshd
daemon loads the host keys. In the default configuration of SSH2
protocol, the private DSA hostkey is found in the file
'ssh_host_dsa_key' and the public DSA hostkey counterpart in
'ssh_host_dsa_key.pub'. Likewise, the private and public RSA hostkeys
are found in 'ssh_host_rsa_key' and 'ssh_host_rsa_key.pub'

Now I am tracing through the sshd.c file and I am interested about how
the SSH2 protocol loads the host keys. Below I drew a rough call graph
as [fileName]functionName

[in openssl library]PEM_read_PrivateKey()

I am a bit confused about the call to the function PEM_read_PrivateKey()
Below is the call to PEM_read_PrivateKey() on line 463 of authfile.c
================================================== =======
pk = PEM_read_PrivateKey(fp, NULL, NULL, (char *)passphrase);
================================================== =======

Does the function PEM_read_PrivateKey() returns something that
contains data about BOTH the public and private parts of the
assymetric DSA or RSA key ?


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