Frederik Eaton wrote:
> Also, terminal resizing doesn't seem to work through cached
> connections...

It works for me. Please file a bug an attach a detailed (-vvv) trace
when resizing a slave window doesn't work. It would be good if you could
capture one from the server end ("sshd -ddd") too.

>>I'm trying to use ssh's new connection caching facilities from a
>>wrapper script so that the caching is transparent to the user, i.e. a
>>socket for each destination is created in the user's ~/.ssh/
>>directory. For the most part it works well, but I've been having some
>>Firstly, sometimes when I create a slave connection, it hangs when the
>>connection is created; slightly more often it hangs when I try to log

Can you also try to catch this with debugging turned on and attach
the trace to a separate bug?

>>Secondly, it seems that X11 port forwarding isn't done for slave

Yes, this is something of a protocol limitation but there may be
ways to cheat around it. Please file a bug for this too, so it
doesn't get dropped.

>>Have other people encountered these issues? If they are actual bugs,
>>are they being worked on? Does somebody have a wrapper script which
>>accomplishes the task I'm trying to accomplish (or is support for it
>>planned to be included in ssh - since it seems like the main reason
>>one would want caching in the first place)? Thanks,

Automated multiplexing connections are planned and a couple of people
are looking at it. I didn't implement it at first because I wanted to
make it stable before adding extra features.

> More concisely: What is the status of the caching facilities? Is
> someone working on improving them?

I use them daily and have found it to be very stable. Naturally
we will fix any bugs we find and we plan to implement a few more
features when we have time (like the automatic setup of the master


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