We've released a new HPN (High Performance Network) patch for OpenSSH
3.9p1. We've made two major changes - first off we backed out of all
the modifications we made to buffer.c. Turns out that it just wasn't
necessary once we fixed a nagging bug in channels.c. I also made a
minor change to the buffer sizes in the source and sink functions in
scp.c Increasing the size of both reduces the number of read/write
syscalls 60% for source and 20% for sink. It doesn't give a big
performance gain but once this starts moving at GigE speeds most any
performance gain is worth exploring.

Anyway, the patch can be found at

We'll have a patch for 4.0 up by Monday at the latest.

Any comments, critiques, or suggestions about these patches are welcome
and all will be taken seriously and given due consideration.

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