Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:
> I'm at home now, but some workplaces forbid the use of gmail, etc (think
> Wall Street). And sending the email home once and then to the list just
> creates more trouble.

If you employer forbids you to use external email while on the job
then you have two choices. 1) Do as your employer demands of you. Do
not use external email. But also do not post with an email disclaimer
and do not get outside help for your problems. 2) Ignore your
employer. Use external email. Interact with the world. Run the risk
of being terminated for disregarding employer rules.

> I don't know why people can't ignore the stupid messages. I sure didn't
> choose to add it to all my work mail. I'm just REQUIRED to use it.

I feel sorry for you. But that does not in any way change the fact
that you are still sending mail marked with a private message
disclaimer. Don't do that or find alternatives.

Let's put this another way. Let's say I have a job where my employer
requires me to avoid washing. No one can understand it. It makes no
sense. It is a stupid rule. I smell with body odor. People around
me complain that my smell offends them. I tell them that my employer
requires me to avoid washing.

And in a later message in the thread:
> I want to keep my job, I have to leave it in. It has no legal meaning. I
> have to leave it in to keep my job.
> If you would like, I can repeat that last sentence several times so it
> sinks in. My job sucks, but so does the economy.

But you have an alternative. You are using it now. Interact with the
outside world on your own time outside of your job. Your job cannot
require you to be a bad citizen in the global community. If you
employer does require you to interact with others on the Internet then
you now have justification for your employer to use external email on
the job.


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