First, if you're building with USE_POSIX_THREADS then that's an
unsupported configuration.

Nick Lane-Smith wrote:
> I connect to my OpenSSH 3.8.1p1 server and when the password dialog
> shoes up I wait a min or so, long enough for the "Timeout before
> authentication for %s" alarm to trigger. If at that point I enter my
> password ssh will just sit there:
> debug2: input_userauth_info_req
> debug2: input_userauth_info_req: num_prompts 1
> Password:
> debug3: packet_send2: adding 32 (len 18 padlen 14 extra_pad 64)
> And the sshd will be in this state:
> Attaching to program: `/private/tmp/OpenSSH.roots/OpenSSH~obj/sshd',
> process 26589.
> Reading symbols for shared libraries ...................... done
> 0x9002cf88 in semaphore_wait_trap ()
> (gdb) bt
> #0 0x9002cf88 in semaphore_wait_trap ()
> #1 0x9006153c in pthread_join ()
> #2 0x00028a50 in sshpam_thread_cleanup () at
> /tmp/OpenSSH.roots/OpenSSH/openssh/auth-pam.c:417

That line is immediately preceded by:


Maybe pthread_cancel doesn't interrupt the read() syscall? I don't know
anything about your thread implementation.

> Shouldn't the sshpam/read thread have an alarm set so if the
> authentication times out it will exit cleanly?

It shouldn't be necessary (and it's a potential source of races).

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