On Sat, Mar 12, 2005 at 01:03:34PM +1100, Darren Tucker wrote:
> Peter Stuge wrote:
> >Originating from an OpenSSH package maintainer's desire to keep
> >dependencies to a minimum, the idea to load OpenSC dynamically
> >popped up.

> That is this thread?
> http://www.opensc.org/pipermail/open...ch/005707.html

Right. I found out that Nils Larsch is discussing this with Markus
off-lists too.

> >Now the question is whether this is an approach that
> >would be favored by the OpenSSH maintainers?

> This has been suggested once before (dlopen'ing a library for
> KerberosGetAFSToken) but there was not much support for it. I
> suspect there would not be much support for this either.
> >Do all of the portable platforms even support dynamic loading?

> I don't think Cygwin does. There could well be others.
> Even on platforms where it is supported it's likely to vary quite a
> bit. On AIX, libfoo.a can contain shared and static components. On
> HP-UX, the libraries are libfoo.sl not libfoo.so. dlopen can be
> hiding in different places on different platforms. And probably
> many other things...

Right. This is pretty much what I expected. Thanks for the input I
got though.


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