Peter Stuge wrote:
> There's been recent discussion on the OpenSC mailing list about
> getting better/updated smartcard support into OpenSSH.
> Originating from an OpenSSH package maintainer's desire to keep
> dependencies to a minimum, the idea to load OpenSC dynamically
> popped up.

That is this thread?

> Now the question is whether this is an approach that
> would be favored by the OpenSSH maintainers?

This has been suggested once before (dlopen'ing a library for
KerberosGetAFSToken) but there was not much support for it. I suspect
there would not be much support for this either.

> Do all of the portable platforms even support dynamic loading?

I don't think Cygwin does. There could well be others.

Even on platforms where it is supported it's likely to vary quite a bit.
On AIX, libfoo.a can contain shared and static components. On HP-UX, the
libraries are not dlopen can be hiding in different
places on different platforms. And probably many other things...

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