On Mon Mar 7 04:08:36 2005, Darren Tucker wrote:
> Iain Morgan wrote:
> > Thanks for the advise. I checked the ps output and there aren't any errant
> > processes. I also checked netstat -a and there's nothing listening on port 4242.

> We've added a capability to log the output of the components under test,
> which may help in your case. Please try this with tomorrow's snapshot
> (20050307 or later):
> $ make tests LTESTS=connect TEST_SSH_LOGFILE=/tmp/regress.log
> then take a look in /tmp/regress.log.
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Hi Darren,

I still seem to be having the same problem with IRIX, eevn with the 4.0 release.
The log output from the regression test doesn't shed much light on the issue:

origin03.imorgan 77> cat /tmp/regress.out
trace: generate keys
trace: wait for sshd
FAIL: ssh connect with protocol 1 failed
origin03.imorgan 78>

There's no sign of a rogue process listening on port 4242. I've tried on
another IRIX box (running 6.5.23) and get teh same issue. As a sanity check,
I've compared regress/rsa1.pub against regress/known_hosts and they appear to

Has there been any other feedback, positive or negative, regarding IRIX?

Iain Morgan

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