Darren Tucker wrote:

> Douglas E. Engert wrote:
>> If configure was to just test for all the files

> That's what it does now.

Your, right. I was looking at the proposed patch to configure you sent
on 2/24 that added the check_gssapi_gssapi_h_first

>> then let the
>> #ifdefs in the source test and include the gssapi/xxx versions first
>> then it should work. Configure would be much simpler.

> That has exactly the same problem as currently only with the paths
> reversed.
> If there is a platform that has the system headers in
> /usr/include/gssapi/gssapi.h and the locally-built headers in, eg,
> /usr/local/krb/include/gssapi.h then we're right back where we started.
> Now, I don't know if such a platform exists, but if it does then chances
> are it's working now and your proposed change will break it.

Your configure patch is looking better, what about a
--with-gssapi-include-path= option?

Personally, I am willing to live with the symlink on HP.

The new IETF kitten group should address some of the issues
with gssapi.h and its friends.


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