It's a Suse 9.0 system; not the latest distribution, admittedly, but up
to date as for the patches.

# rpm -qa | grep glibc

# cat /proc/sys/kernel/osrelease

# rpm -qa | grep pam

Darren Tucker schrieb:

> Daniel Kastenholz wrote:
>> Hope this helps.

> Thanks. It does, I think.
> What can you tell me about the host? It doesn't happen to be a recent
> Linux (with glibc-2.3.x), does it?
>> Failed keyboard-interactive for illegal user root from
>> ::ffff: port 32772 ssh2
>> Connection closed by ::ffff:
>> debug1: Calling cleanup 0x8066f50(0x0)
>> debug1: PAM: cleanup
>> debug1: Calling cleanup 0x80733b0(0x0)

> I can reproduce it on my FC3 box. In my case, it appears to be
> because getnameinfo() does some dlopen tricks which don't work in a
> chroot, and it actually blows up deep inside glibc.
> If this all applies to you, you can confirm this is the cause by doing:
> # cp -a /lib /var/empty
> (or wherever you configured the sshd privsep dir to be) and repeating
> the test. This is not a good long-term solution, though.

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