Daniel Kastenholz wrote:
> Excuse me, am I missing anything? Usually, developers on open source
> mailing lists complain about the gimme-gimme mentality of the writers
> because otherwise they couldn't handle the many feature requests. That's
> why I tried not to bother you with newbie questions, pointed out the
> missing feature in short, proposed a solution, sent you a clear and
> documented patch as requested, and noticed you that the original version
> doesn't work as expected. All I'm getting back from you is either "do
> this", "do that" or just ignorance. Could it be that you're applying
> double standards here? At least "thanks" would have been nice to hear in
> between. I'm giving this up. Apply the patch or stick to your broken
> solution.

Sigh. If you found my language abrupt then I apologise for that. (After
doing this for a while I have found that my writing tends to get briefer.
This is intended to be succinct not rude.)

I was saying that the difference you observed with "DenyUsers *" in the
existing code should be fixed, which would remove the need for additional
config options. I was unable to reproduce the behaviour you described and
asked for additional information so that I could determine why it behaves
that way so that we can fix it.

So, would you please provide the server-side debug traces so that we can
figure out the cause of the descrepancies you noted so that we can fix them?

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