> I've Compiled openssh 3.9.p1 on AIX 5.2:

> On the same Machine my ssh client works.
> If i transfer the bynaries to another Machine ( same openssl Version ) then
> i have the following Error:
> # ssh
> exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program ssh because of the following errors:
> 0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for ssh because:
> 0509-136 Symbol getpeereid (number 34) is not exported from

You have probably compiled OpenSSH on a newer version of AIX (either major
release or maintenance level) than the machine you're trying to run it on.
In general, AIX is forward but not backward compatible so you should
compile on the oldest version (including ML) you plan to support. (I
believe this applies to all binaries not just OpenSSH.)

To get around this particular problem, you can edit config.h and comment
out the line "#define HAVE_GETPEEREID 1" (after running configure but
before running make) and rebuilding. It's possible you might see similar
problems with other functions, though.

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