Darren Tucker wrote:

> Douglas E. Engert wrote:
>> This might be a little late, but I went back to see why we do not have
>> this problem with HP.
>> In the install for krb5, we add a symlink gssapi.h -> ./gssapi/gssapi.h
>> in the krb5 include directory.
>> # On HP there is a /usr/include/gssapi.h we need to find the
>> # /krb5/gssapi/gssapi.h first.
>> # OpenSSH depends on this
>> ln -s ./gssapi/gssapi.h $dest/krb5/include/gssapi.h

> Would something like the attached change to configure fix it (without
> breaking anything else...)?
> (Need to rebuild configure with "autoreconf" after applying the patch,
> obviously.)

Why not to look for header first in subdirectory ?
As example:

AC_CHECK_HEADERS(gssapi/gssapi.h gssapi.h)
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(gssapi/gssapi_krb5.h gssapi_krb5.h)
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(gssapi/gssapi_generic.h gssapi_generic.h)

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