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Darren Tucker wrote:
> Peter Losher wrote:
>> Downloaded openssh-SNAP-20050221.tar.gz, and the same error appears:

> Sigh. HP-UX 11.11 has /usr/include/gssapi.h as well as the local one
> you're trying to use. Basically, you have conflicting headers and in
> configure's attempt to handle the inconsistency in the gssapi header
> locations between platforms/implementations it gets fooled.

And GSSAPI support is core to HP/UX, so you just swremove it

> As a quick fix, either use the native gssapi (if suitable) or comment
> out "#define HAVE_GSSAPI_H 1" in config.h and rebuild.

Thanks, that did the trick; I'll add it to my build notes.

BTW Logu - thanks for pointing out the pre-compiled .depot; I'd would
have probably used it if this hadn't worked out.

Thanks again for all your help - Peter
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