>Darren wrote:
>- sshd could use different PAM service names for the different auth types.
>(eg "sshd-public-key", "sshd-password", "sshd-gssapi-with-mic" and fall
> back to "sshd" if these don't exists. This would probably be tricky to
> write because you'd have to stop and start PAM for each auth attempt.)

>Nicolas wrote:
>The service names it uses are:
> - sshd-none
>- sshd-password
>- sshd-kbdint
> - sshd-pubkey
> - sshd-hostbased
> - sshd-gssapi (for both, gssapi-keyex and gssapi-with-mic)

Thanks for all the directions and pointers. I implemented to use different
PAM-Service name for those auth modules that fails for key based auth
methods in my system and now its working fine for me and currently reviewing
the changes.

Thanks for help,
Senthil Kumar.

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