Thanks for the correction. The ntpdate program has grown insiduously
over the years from humble beginnings.

It's not clear what ntpdate does with multiple responses from multiple
servers, in effect simulating the algorithms of the NTP specification.
The current SNTP specification RFC 4330 says nothing about these
algorithms. That RFC is about to be obsoleted by the NTPv4 specification
now in-pipe. The description of the SNTP subset says nothing about these
algorithms either.

It seems to me using ntpdate in this way is counterproductive, since the
current ntpd can operate in the same modes and does include the heavy


Per Hedeland wrote:

> In article "David L. Mills"
> writes:
>>This is even more bogus. True, current ntpdate does send multiple
>>packets, not to different servers, but the same server.

> It sends multiple packets to each of however many servers you care to
> give it on the commandline. Not that I know what this has to do with
> SNTP (whether the protocol or the program).
> --Per Hedeland