I've just commited NTP FAQ 3.10. I apologize for the significant delay, but
all faults weren't my own. The release tag is "r3_10" for those who want to
get it via CVS.

The revision history summarizes:
Revision 3.10 2006-11-21 Revised by: UW
Revised section ``Encryption''. Added new section ``The Basics of Autokey''.
General revisions on autokey. Several minor spelling problems fixed.

--------- quote from the FAQ ------------
1.1.1. Where can I get a new version of this document?

The following procedure, developed for the UNIX operating system, should
provide you with the current version of this document:

1. Make sure you have a working version of CVS for your operating system, and
that you can make connections to the Internet.

a. If you are going to update an existing version, you may directly jump
to step 5.

2. For convenience let's set a variable in the shell using either
set FAQREPO=server:anoncvs@www.ntp.org:/cvs/ntp for the C shell, or
FAQREPO=server:anoncvs@www.ntp.org:/cvs/ntp for POSIX compatible shells.

3. Log in to the NTP repository using cvs -d $FAQREPO login. The password is
anoncvs. This will allow further commands.

4. Create a subdirectory with all the files using cvs -d $FAQREPO checkout
ntpfaq. Please consult the documentation on CVS for details and available

5. To save time and bandwidth when updating, simply change to the directory
containing the FAQ and type cvs update. That command will update your files
according to the repository.

An online version should be available at http://www.ntp.org/ntpfaq/. The
current top-level file is NTP-a-faq.htm.[1]

Please note that checking out the CVS sources will provide the SGML sources as
well as the HTML pages. I cannot make a statement about what will be available
via HTTP, but I expect that only the HTML files are there, and listing the
directory will not work.


[1] Although specified, there's no guarantee that the URI shown will be still
valid in the future. Important resource locations should not change if
possible. If they still do, share your complaints with the webmaster of
the site, and forward the new or corrected URL to the editor.
----------------- quote ends -----------------------