Hi, Time Travellers!

I just put a beta version of the upcoming "stable" Windows NTP Installer
on our website. This new version is actually based on a pretty old one,
a tarball snapshot from July 2005. The current codebase, including the
stable-branch, has some difficulties on Windows systems. All Windows
users having stability problems with our xmas edition should try to use
this "fluxcap" version instead.

Please test the beta release as intensive as possible and let me know
when you find any problems and annoyances. I tried to backport as many
bugfixes as possible into that old version, but I surely missed a few.
One thing that I know for sure is that the leap seconds handling is not
working in this version, it was fixed after July 2005 and is too complex
to be easily backported. The IERS already announced that there will be
no leap second at the end of 2006, so the next possible date would be
July 2007 and I sincerely hope we managed to release a more recent
version of NTP for Windows as our "stable" release.

As always, any bugreports or feedback can be sent to
ntp-support@meinberg.de or posted in the Windows NTP Bugreports forum at
www.time-server-monitor.com (please make sure you do not accidentially
select the Time Server Monitor bugreports forum for any bugreports
related to our Windows port of NTP).

NOTE: The link below is pointing to a temporary location and I urge you
not to refer to this URL on any web page, because the file will be
definitely removed as soon as I release the non-beta version of
"fluxcap" (next week).

Download it from here:

BTW: I call it "fluxcap" because I never managed to find a decent flux
capacitor for my car on EBay (unfortunately I do not own a De Lorean
DMC-12...). As soon as I get one, I will check what happens with NTP in
2036 :-)

Best regards,

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