Hello Folks,

I'm thenewguy here... :-) I have a question about ntpdate:

We have a time-server at our company (time.page.com) which is synchronizing
all of our servers. The problem with that is, that it makes that to fast! Let me

If the time is 6:05 PM (DB-Server) and it should be 6:00 PM (time.page.com) and
the chronjob adjusts this to 6:00 PM (DB-Server) I have following error given through
inconsistencies in the DB (writes huge dumpfile):


The problem as I see it is that the DB is having jobs done 5 minutes into future, which can't be possible because the DB is used to have time in an chronological order. What I'm looking for is a slow adjustment of the time which is slowly. It still counts the time up, but not that fast, so the time will be after 30 minutes (what ever) exact again.

Can anyone help me?

Thank's a lot.
thenewguy at fixunix.com