Hello everyone,
I'm student and i'm doing a project about: how to time-sync the Embeded Sytem (which is G2C501 - Wifi sensor in this case)

i have something that i'm still confused

1. Is the time offset which is found in loopstats log define how accurate the NTP is ?

2. About the log file, after deleting the log file i need to restart my PC (Ubuntu 8.04) to get a new log file, is there any other way to get the new log file without restarting the PC ?

3. I need the simplest version of NTP which can be fit in the 320kb ROM of the G2C501 but i could not find one, could you please give me some suggestions of how to simplify the NTP source code to get the simplest NTP software (Which functions of NTP should i keep and which i should not ?) ?