one thing I didn't hear about yet ...

clients: Macosx 10.4.9, Intel Macs
server: Debian sarge NFS v3 file serving
the Mac clients are authenticating against a Windows 2003
active directory server.

I connect to the Linux nfs share over a GUI interface
on the Mac side. The share is r/w mounted and everything
works just fine - except ...
it comes to a strange behaviour when I create new folders
on the share. They suddenly swap their names or get
similar names. I figured out that this is a Mac problem,
because, when I connect over SSH on the server, the folders
are OK. After reconnecting over Mac/GUI it looks all right
again, too.

Following an advise, I wiped out all ".DS_Store" files on
the Linux server (the Mac writes it as a ressource file),
I even configured the Mac clients not to write them
any more, but still the same issue.

I noticed this issues only on new Intel Macs,
on PPC machines it doesn't happen (so far).

anybody an idea?