I have some problem about NFS humming bird..

I need Network drive (R of Solaris 9 system (Server) to
communication with XP Windows.
So I set the NFS setting on Server and connect network drive from XP
It works well..

But If I reboot Server and XP system then It sometime cannot connect
at following case..
When Server booting is finish early then XP, connection is not failed
(work well)
But if XP booting is early then Server, connection is failed...

It means Server network status is not ready,
then XP can not find network drive even though the Server is ready a
few second later
A this case, the network drive(R status on my computer is
"Disconnected network"
I try to reconnect by click R: dirve, but the error message is shown
(error message is not exactly same)

"Error to connect R: dirve \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\vobs /P:777 /D:777 /R:
32768:8 /W32768:8 /L:c /U /H /M /A:u
I can not find Hummingbird NFS Network system name
Connection is not recovered"

In my case, Both of Server and XP sometime need to reboot
(sometime together reboot and the other time not together)
I can not guess reboot timming So I need to know how to reconnect
the Server it ready later the XP

I'm using Hummingbird Connectivity 10 and Solaris 8 or 9 system

If someone know the solution, please let me know...