Hello, I recently "inherited" a lab at my school. The professor that
had set up the lab left for another job, and I stepped in to take his
place. I am trying to configure several machines we've added to our

I have a machine running Ubuntu 6.10. Most of the machines in the lab
are running Red Hat (WS3 or ES3, can't remember exactly). However, our
IT department hasn't seen fit to give us the keys to perform updates
on the machines, so we are moving to a different distribution so that
we can update properly.

The Ubuntu machine can see the NFS shares (served by a Red Hat machine
in the same room), however, I cannot use any of the shared logins. All
of the other computers in the room are using the same setup, with the
same server (only difference is Red Hat vs Ubuntu).

Can anyone help me get the ubuntu machine to access the shared users?
I've perused around on google and tried to find the solution in two
books. I must admit, the problem is likely my lack of experience with
Linux (I have some on personal machines, but not a tremendous amount
in an environment like the one we have in our lab).

If there is any information that would be useful in diagnosing the
problem, please let me know, and I'll provide it as soon as I am able.

Thanks in Advance,