I'm struggeling for a while now with nfs, and I don't really know how
to go forward anymore, so I was hoping someone over here could give me
some ideas...

The setup is rather simple: one linux machine, acting running an nfs
server and a few linux clients. Athentication and stuff is done via

What we're seeing is that on the clients, files seem to be randomly
I'm mounting /home. and if I do someting like 'find .' in my homedir,
nfs will give randomly errors on files that are not accessible. The
thing is, the files it list have the right permissions. And if I run
the command a few times in a row, the files it complains about are not
the same. It also gives 'stale filehandler' errors.

I got a small test now that fails consistently. It goes like this:

* mount the nfs drive
* do an ls of a specific directory (this is a dir that I saw turning up
a lot in the 'find' errors)
* ls works correctly
* do an ls again
* now ls fails and gives me 'access denied'

If I unmount and repeat: same behaviour

I made a trace with wireshark, and this is what I get:

V3 NULL Call (Reply In 42)
V3 NULL Reply (Call In 40)
V3 NULL Call (Reply In 82)
V3 NULL Reply (Call In 80)
V3 FSINFO Call (Reply In 85), FH:0x0493dc00
V3 FSINFO Reply (Call In 84)
V3 GETATTR Call (Reply In 87), FH:0x0493dc00
V3 GETATTR Reply (Call In 86) Directory mode:2775 uid:0 gid:50
V3 ACCESS Call (Reply In 92), FH:0x0493dc00
V3 ACCESS Reply (Call In 91)
V3 LOOKUP Call (Reply In 95), DH:0x0493dc00/chrisr
V3 LOOKUP Reply (Call In 94), FH:0x086861a2
V3 ACCESS Call (Reply In 97), FH:0x086861a2
V3 ACCESS Reply (Call In 96)
V3 LOOKUP Call (Reply In 99), DH:0x086861a2/.evolution
V3 LOOKUP Reply (Call In 98), FH:0x446a61a2
V3 GETATTR Call (Reply In 101), FH:0x446a61a2
V3 GETATTR Reply (Call In 100) Directory mode:0777 uid:2000
V3 ACCESS Call (Reply In 103), FH:0x446a61a2
V3 ACCESS Reply (Call In 102)
V3 READDIRPLUS Call (Reply In 106), FH:0x446a61a2
V3 READDIRPLUS Reply (Call In 104) . .. addressbook cache calendar
mail memos signatures tasks camel-cert.db cert8.db key3.db secmod.db
V3 GETATTR Call (Reply In 109), FH:0x446a61a2
V3 GETATTR Reply (Call In 108) Error:NFS3ERR_ACCES

So if I understand correclty (I'm new to nfs. bear with me), The client
first gets the filehandler of the directory of which I do an ls, and
then does a READDIRPLUS. All is fine so far.
When I do the second ls, it does a GETATTR, which gets an NFS3ERR_ACCES

So there are a few things I don't understand.

* why does a GETATTR goes well the first time, and gets an error the
second time
* why is the second GETATTR done in the first place, isn't this
supposed to be cached? (I remeber reading something about attribute
caching somewhere, but I'm not sure it has anything to do with this)
* what does the NFS3ERR_ACCES mean. Can it have something to do with
file locking?

Another thing I should probably tell is that the same dirs are also
shared with CIFS. Can there be some kind of conflict between CIFS and

And if it has something to do with locking, is there a way to find out
who is locking what and why?
(some pointers to a comprehensive description of the whole lcoking
thing would also be appreciated. this is all rather obscure to me)

Can the LDAP setup have anything to do with it? I think not, since nfs
just compares gid and uid numbers and doesn't have to do a lookup of
any group or user names, but maybe I'm missing something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also pointers on how to get more
information on what's happening on the NFS server side or what there is
still to do to get a better understanding on what is going on..