I'm currently running a FreeBSD 6/6.1 webfarm serving PHP pages with a
common /var/www mounted via NFS (on a Linux 2.6.14). Often when there are
lots of requests, the clones suffer a very high load avg, and if I look to
top output, there are tons of httpd process in nfs state. Moreover, looking
to vmstat output I can see there are lots of file locked (50-60 or
more)...but the surprising thing (at least for me) is that on the NFS
server there aren't locked files, the load avg is next to 0 and there
aren't performance problems at all on this machine. No, my question is: is
this normal? is the nfs protocol supposed to handle (and show) locked file
only on the client side?

Or am I simply looking in the wrong direction?