OK, this message is going to be light on details simply because
I am stuck. I have no good ideas of what to do to track this problem

Here goes: I run a mixed platform lab. A dual AMD 64 bit box
acts as the NFS server (Fedora, Core 3, kernel 2.6.11). A number
of Linux boxes, powerMacs, and SGI Octane2s are the clients.

/home is nfs mounted, as is /usr/local

All is well on the Linux and mac boxes. But, the SGIs (6.5.21, IRIX)
will occasionally lose subdirectories in the mounted areas. For
/usr/local/lib will disappear. /home/kmoorman goes away. After some
amount of time w/ no intervention from us, they reappear.

No messages appear in the SGI logs or in the server's logs to indicate
a problem
as this occurs.

The /usr/local is mounted w/ no_root_squash, but /home is not.
Version 3 of NFS is in use, with options on the clients being

Anybody ever seen a case where a subdir "magically" appears and

Thanks. I apologize for the lack of further detail and if this is an
issue I could
find on the net. If so, chastise me and point me in the right
searches led me nowhere useful :-(