I have trouble connecting to nfs servers from my mac (10.4.3) I can
connect to samba servers OK on the same server machines, but when I try
to connect to an nfs server on the same machine (go|connect to server)
using the address:


I get the message:
'Could not connect to server because the name or password is not correct'

I never got the opportunity to give a password. the password for the
user account on the mac is the same as the user account on the nfs server.

When I look in 'network; in the finder there are samba servers listed,
but no nfs servers.

Is there something I need to turn on to be able to mount nfs servers on
a mac?

One more thing - when i do 'get info' on a samba server in a cifs
workgroup, under the 'Server:' entry its says:


but its a samba server not an nfs server (its in a workgroup after all)
- how come?