I need to be able to 'map' an ordinary user to root...

Here's the scenario:

I am developing for an embedded platform. On my development box, I work
as an ordinary user. As I compile stuff, I place it into a ~/boot

The ~/boot dir is nfsmounted by the embedded SBC as its root fs.

The problem is that the files in ~/boot are owned by
ordinary_userrdinary_user, and nfsmounted as being owned by user
1001:1001. This wreaks all sorts of havoc when the embedded system
wants to boot.

I could change the files in ~/boot to be all owned by root, but that is
a major PITA, since I'd have to be root to make changes to the fs.

I could do development as root, which is probably a "really bad
idea"(tm). :-)

Or I could figure out some way to get nfs to 'map' user 1001:1001 to
user 0:0 when it mounts the root fs.

ISTR I could do that at one time, but I can't figure out how....