we are using NFS to have IIS 5 retrieve files over the network from
another Win2k machine in a somewhat secure and authenticated way. The
second machine stores the web-files that IIS serves up via http.

This config has been working good for over a year. But now, since say
3 weeks, NFS behaves very unstable. Symptoms vary widely, are
intermittent but include:
- files show up as folder in the file-explorer (via NFS)
- when opening files over NFS we get the error "no permissions"
- when serving up these files over IIS we get a login box
- the machine on which the NFS-server (e.g. not the client) crashes
- stop/start of the nfs-service can solve the issue for some time

(we have no idea what change in the config triggered this situation)

Does anyone has seen this behaviour before and knows the solution? I
don't know to much about NFS but are "assigned" to solve it. :-(

Version details:
- Client: IIS on Win2k with WRQ Reflection NFS client version 10.00.0
- Server: Windows Service for Unix 3.5 on Win2k Sp4

Hope to hear from you, Ronald