(The other day I posted a problem in which various Linux versions
were producing a corrupt executable when a user
was linking a program and having the output go
to a remote file system on a Snap Server. The following
is from the user who had the problem).

After much effort and reading a nice document I found on the web about
Network Appliances and linux I have a working resolution.

It seems that fedora core 2/3 nsf v2/3 clients institute default
settings that give a bit of problem with the snap server.
After examining /proc/mounts I was able to see what the
true settings were and then with some recommendations from the Network Appliances
technical note in http://www.netapp.com/tech_library/ftp/3183.pdf
I came upon the following working mount options Fedora 2/3 (2.6.x kernel series)


With RedHat 7.1 (kernel series 2.4.x [x < 20])


With RedHat 9.x (kernel series 2.4.y [y >= 20])


Note that the man pages give incorrect information
about the behavior of mount / fstab.

Jon Forrest