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> Mauricio Tavares writes:
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> > Stupid NFS question: I have a Solaris 8 box, moss, which is
> > exporting (for whatever reason; I did not set it that way. I jsut want to
> > get mailman working) /spool: as follows (from its /etc/dfs/dfstab file):
> >
> > share -F nfs -o rw=biomachines,anon=0 /spool
> >
> > mailman happens for whatever absurd reason to be in /spool. Just to

> [...]
> > and tried the above on other unix (Solaris 9/Suse linux) boxes that are
> > part of the same netgroup. The result was similar. Why is it being
> > mounted as read-only?

> The client is mounting it read-write, but the server is telling the
> client it is read-only when the client tries to create files.
> There's nothing in the mount protocol which indicates a read-only or
> read-write mount as far as I recall, so at the time of mounting, the
> server neither knows nor cares if the client thinks it's read-only
> or read-write mounted.
> Most likely, the server doesn't think the client is in the biomachines
> group. It might also happen if the server only has the underlying UFS
> filesystem mounted read-only for some reason.
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> Andrew Gabriel