We have two Textronics X-Terminals that boot from files held on an SGI
server via NFS. whichever one is switched on first boots up properly but
the second boots very slowly and claims the NFS server is not
responding, it comes up eventually and then works fine. It does not
matter if the first is still booting or is up and sitting quietly
waiting for a login. If I unplug the X-Terminal thats already up while
the second is trying to boot up it then speeds up.

I've used Ethereal to capture the packets and I can see the UDP NFS
packets coming back from the server without delay, the X-terminal seems
to wait between requests for anything up to 10 secs. The same total
number of packets go across in both cases (3000 or so).

I've unplugged everything else from the hub (this is a UTP network using
a hub, not a switch).

I'm completely stumped, any ideas?