Running Linux. After many attempts and much swearing, finally got an
NFS server running on a Mac G4 Powerbook (not my machine & I don't know
OSX from shinola), with /Volumes/Alien shared.

sudo mount /mnt/alien

"mount" shows OK:*on*/mnt/alien*type*nfs*

Problem is, I can't access /mnt/alien - even as root::
ls: reading directory .: Input/output error

Then I notice
edj:/mnt$ lk

If I umount, /mnt/alien is properly root:root.

Why's that changing to cdrw group upon mounting, and why can't root
access it?**I*don't*know*if*the*problem's*on*the*Linux*si de*or*the*Mac
side. Network's OK - I can ftp, e.g. Any advice, hints, pointers?