I have a NFS problem with the following configuration :
- one Linux NFS server (NFS2)
- several IRIX clients
- automounter (autofs actually)

It all works nicely, so long I don't restart or change the configuration
on the server.

Starting from then, any access to any previously mounted directory on
the IRIX clients triggers the following error message :

Cannot access /path: Stale NFS file handle

It seems IRIX can not detect that the NFS handle has to be renegociated.
Other computers on the network (Linux, Solaris) have no problem at all.

If I try to manualy unmount those mount points, I get a "device busy"
message. I tried also "umount -v -h nfsserver -k", with no success.

The problem is pretty annoying, since each time I want to add an export
entry on the NFS, I need either to :
- ask all IRIX users to log out, wait that all gets unmounted (and hope
that no running script or cron job will prevent that), do the
modifications and let the users log in again
- reboot all IRIX computers after the modification

Did anyone know something about this problem (and its solutions ) ?

Thanks !