Is there any NFS crack who can help me with this problem? Here we go:

I have two Linux servers, one is running nfs and exports a few
directories, all as *(rw,sync). All works fine. From the other machine I
want to access the files on the nfs server. Reading is no problem, but
writing is. If I access a file that I own (e.g. in my home dir, I can
anything with it. Also files that are rw to the world, give no problems.
The files that give problems are the ones that are not owned by me and
not available to the world: e.g. a file called "some.txt" that has
root.users and rwxrwx--- permissions.

On both machines, my uid and gid are the same, and I am in the group
users on both machines. But still, I can not access the file.

I have been searching all corners of the internet, and all information
tells me that it should work the way I have set it up?

Who knows the solution?????